Harry Leslie Smith


Early Life of a Rebel

  • Born into poverty Feb 25, 1923, Barnsley, Yorkshire
  • Child Labourer 1930
  • Homeless age 8, 1931
  • Volunteers for RAF 1941


Harry Leslie Smith's Books:

  • 1923: A Great Depression Memoir
  • Love Among the Ruins
  • Empress of Australia
  • Harry's Last Stand
  • Don't Let My Past Be Your Future



On how to live your life

 Life is more than a budget holiday in Spain or a new car on tick; it's about creating legacies that can outlive your natural life 


On why he started writing.

  In 2008, the world's economy crashed. And the following year, my middle son, Peter, died at the age of 50. y 2010, my grief was uncontrollable and I knew that the only way I could expiate it was through writing about my early life - in a book and also on social media. I needed to let people know that the economic and political storms coming our way, I'd seen them before  


On rebuilding Britain.

 I have almost a hundred years of lived history pulsing through my blood and memories. So when I tell you that this is the best of times for the one per cent and the worst of times for everyone else, heed my words. It is now time that you gather the spirit of my generation into your hearts to begin the task of rebuilding this country, Europe and the world as it should be. It is time to make our Britain a green and pleasant land for all who live here.